Attentiveness to the inner life ultimately brings clarity and conviction about how the outer world is to be engaged. I welcome you to partake of my personal reflections, which offer the food from the universality of the resource of Spirit.

Attention to Centering

The Energetic Center of Christ Seated in the Boat The sacred texts in the Holy Bible bring us centuries of human beings seeking to find their way in conversation with The Divine. From the God called “Elohim” of the Hebrew Bible, to Christ as explained by the apostle...

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The Glory is Your Servant

We often approach the words of Christ through our own lens. We feel we need to wrestle down our pride but Jesus teaches us something more enigmatic than this. Scripture tells us that.......

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Hummingbirds are Medicine

Hummingbirds hold medicine for us. The medicine is discovered through observation and a reading of the poetry by the late Mary Oliver. Poetry releases our moorings to the docks of sorrow, regret, human disappointments and the ghosts of our parents. It can transport us...

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