How many of us has dreamed one of the following night stories; being chased by a predator animal, an encounter with a criminal, the ability to fly, a loss of teeth, exploration of rooms in a house? Dreams can evoke both curiosity and trepidation!

Carl Jung directs us to see all dreams as a potential vehicle of awakening. Thus, it is good to take our dreams seriously by recording them in a dream journal and by pondering them throughout the day. In “holding” our dreams in conscious awareness, we discover that our dreams reveal both our inner world and give clues about our relationship to the outer world. Through our dream stories, which present us with archetypal images, startling scenarios, puns and wordplays, our psychic material is creatively brought to our waking consciousness so that we can assimilate this material that is hidden from our awareness. Working with our dreams brings forth both wholeness, authenticity and undiscovered treasure.

Because we tend to literalize our dreams by trying to figure them out according to our logical perspective, we often miss the true objective of a dream. This is because a dream engages the metaphorical area of our brain for the purpose of bypassing our logic to expand our perspective. For this reason, it is advisable to foster the life flow of dreams with a trusted companion and/or a dream honoring community. By tending dreams with dream workers and dream circle communities we discover the relevance of our dreams as they touch the context of our lives and assist us to pursue our unique destiny.

International Association for the Study of Dreams